Venice was a breath of fresh air………….literally :=)

Ok, so it was too crowded;  it’s still one of the most popular tourists spots in Europe.

But, I didn’t let that faze me. The city was indeed rather beautiful.  The fact that there was “Water, water, everywhere” seemed to make it even more appealing (maybe, to a tourist;  LOL.  Not sure how the locals see it. Venice is literally sinking each year).

So, anyway, here I was in the so-called most romantic city in……….er………..Europe?  All I could think of, though, was getting on one of those gondolas  :=))))

Which I did.  And, I have to say, it was magical.  I could have gone the entire round-the-city route.  But, I was not interested in the sea at that point; nope, I wanted to experience the hidden, dark canals of Venice. So, I settled for just such a route — chartered a gondola all for myself, and went “roll-a-bout”  :=)))

Still………the word “romantic” and “single” don’t exactly go together. I loved Venice; but, being all by my lone-some kinda stripped away some of the magic. Venice is a city to visit with that special significant other, isn’t it?  At least, that’s how I felt after a couple of days.

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Riding the gondolas

Hurray!!!  How many people have ridden those gondolas?

Well, I’m now one of them =)))))))))))))

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So, with a heavy heart — “yeah, right!” — I zipped up my bag, said farewell to Venice……….and set off on the long-awaited trip to NAPLES ))))))))))