Just a few photos of the places I’ve visited here in the city………..and outside the city.

Cerro Ancon

Supposedly the highest point in Panama City. Cerro Ancon is home to Panama’s largest flag (which can be seen from miles around).

The bad news?  The flag wasn’t flying on the day I went up there (haha). Go figure!

img_1036 img_1040 img_1041 img_1042 img_1043 img_1044 img_1045 img_1047 img_1048 img_1049

Administrative Building

img_1050 img_1051 img_1052 img_1053

Bridge of the Americas

img_1056 img_1057 img_1058 img_1060 img_1061

Casco Viejo (Old Town)

img_1064 img_1065 img_1069 img_1072 img_1073 img_1075 img_1077 img_1081 img_1082 img_1084 img_1087 img_1088 img_1090


These amazing little kids really warmed my heart with their dancing………….


My first taste of Panamanian Shaved-Ice