Honestly, though : not sure why I even bothered to include Tallinn on my website :=)))

Oh, nothing wrong with the city;  not at all. Just that : Tallinn is right across the Baltic Sea from Helsinki. A two-hour boat-trip (in the summer, anyway, when those fast boats ply the waters).

During the 11 years I was in Finland, I must have been to Tallinn at least a dozen times. Probably, more.

My impression of Tallinn is that, it’s a younger sibling of Helsinki :  even smaller than Helsinki in both size and population; same buildings, same shops, same streets, etc, etc. I guess most people find Tallinn appealing in some way; I only ever went there as an escape from the boredom of Helsinki — a weekend in Tallinn, sometimes; other times, just a day trip — morning there, evening back.

My last visit to Tallinn was a weekend trip there in October 2012.

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Toompea Viewing Platforms

Toompea is a limestone hill in the central part Tallinn.

The much-rebuilt Toompea Castle – consisting of the czarist era governor’s palace, walls and towers of the medieval fortress, the expressionist parliament building dating from 1922, plus a few other buildings – now houses the Estonian Parliament.

There are several viewing platforms in Toompea, which offer good views of the surrounding city and are popular among tourists visiting Tallinn.

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This is the Keila Waterfall. It is located in Northern Estonia, on the Keila River. At 6 metres high, it is the third largest waterfall in Estonia — after Narva and Jägala.



This is Rakvere Castle. Located in Eastern Estonia, it was built by the Danish in the 13th century, although the hillside had been an Estonian stronghold since the fifth century. Over the next 700 years, the castle repeatedly changed masters, was partly destroyed and then rebuilt again. Finally under Estonian rule again, it was extensively renovated a few years ago, and has now become a popular tourist attraction.



Xmas Market in Tallinn’s Old Town