Well, one could certainly write a book about “Life in Panama”.

It’s a unique country, no doubt. I’ve been here almost a year, so I guess I’ve made up my mind to stay, right? (haha). Speaking of which, I never did make it to Costa Rica. Didn’t see the need. Panama seemed to be ideal (so far, anyway). The weather is excellent. Things are much cheaper than back in Europe (well, most things; not everything, though. Try getting a pair of decent sneakers here!!)

Just 2 months ago, I applied for and got my Panamanian driver’s license. Before that (in June), I applied for my Residence Permit; it takes about 4 – 5 months before it’s approved.

So, what have I been doing all this time?

For one thing, I’m actively trying to learn the language. I speak it relatively well, but still a long way to go. No language schools for me; I focus on conversing with the locals, and picking up the “lengua” that way.

Panama, however, is a small country. The people here are a very close-knit group; they tend to be more family-oriented — which is good, of course……..except if you’re single (as in, no family here), in which case you might find yourself alone most of the time.

Such things don’t bother me in the slightest. Having jumped from one country to another over the past 20-or-so-years, I’m not at all intimidated by new people, new environments, new societies, etc. Granted, I have made efforts to forge ties with those already living here — both locals, and foreigners alike. But, I find it rather tedious. Seriously. Most people I meet usually bore me, or irritate me, or a combination of both.

As a result, I tend to prefer moments of solitude. My favorite past-time is going for a stroll along the Cinta Costera; I do this most evenings, when the sun goes down. I do it in the afternoons, too, when I’m trying to work on my Vitamin-D intake, and my sun-tan  (lol).

When I’m not sitting in my room, working on my laptop, I’m either sitting out on my balcony……….or strolling along the ocean-front.

What’s Panama like?

Hmmm……….can’t speak for the rest of the country; have yet to visit those places. I can only speak for Panama City itself.

Yeah, interesting place — (haha. You probably guessed that I’m being tactful, right?))) — well, it IS interesting. Lively city, it has everything; growing at an astronomical rate each day. Buildings coming up, prices rising alongside them, etc, etc.

And the driving????  OMG!  These people drive like crazy!  It’s not the worst I’ve seen (that would be Italy); but, wow!!!  Hardly any respect for traffic rules, no regard whatsoever for pedestrians. Truly, I’m amazed that there aren’t more frequent road mishaps.

Remember that old joke about the Porcupine and the BMW???  Well, here in Panama, it’s all true.