Leaving Phnom Penh………….

To add a little extra spice to the adventure, I decided to take the night-bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

Instead of seats, the bus contains beds………….well, something resembling beds, anyway (haha).  Rubber mattresses arranged in bunk-bed format.

On entering the bus, you are given blankets………….and………..well, you sleep all night.  By morning, you’re in Siem Reap ))))

To be honest, it was not as uncomfortable as I feared it would be.  Despite the fact that I had to squeeze my 182cm frame in there, somehow  (lol)



Siem Reap

Arriving in Siem Reap, the first thing on my mind was the world-famous Angkor Wat Temple. Of course, there are several other temples in Siem Reap (all over Cambodia, for that matter). But none quite as spectacular as Angkor Wat.

Still, first and foremost, I needed some grub (lol). I’d woken up surprisingly refreshed, after sleeping all the way from Phnom Penh. But I was as hungry as a wolf.

The hotel I’d booked was, simply put, exquisite. Even more so, as I’d paid surprisingly little for it (50 bucks a night); the hotel was rated as a “3-star”, but it certainly looked 5-star to me! A similar hotel in Europe, for instance, would have cost no less than 150 bucks per night.

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Angkor Wat & Other Temples

When I arrived at Angkor Wat, it was everything that I’d heard it would be…………and more. I spent 4 hours walking around it; and, the one thing that kept going through my mind was : how the temple must have looked when it was being uses all those centuries ago — the people that came there every day…………what they did……….how they acted (a part of me wished I could go back in time to see the temple in its prime :=)

Angkor Wat wasn’t the only temple I visited;  I went to two others, and took quite  a bunch of photos.  But, Angkor Wat impressed me the most!

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Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Ok, I admit : I was intrigued. Before I headed to Cambodia, friends kept telling me about the so-called “Sunrise at Angkor Wat”. Apparently, the sun rising over the temple is quite a sight. So, I decided to check it out for myself.

Granted, it was……….er…………a lovely sight. But, I’d seen sunrises before, most of them just as beautiful. Thus, to be honest, I couldn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about (lol).

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Back to Phnom Penh

Having enjoyed the bus-ride from the capital to Siem Reap, I decided to take the same route home — another night-bus (haha)

I intentionally arrived at the bus-terminal early, got my ticket, left my bags in storage……..and went for a short walk around the river, enjoying the night air.

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