I confess: the only reason I wanted to see San Pedro was because of its proximity to water.

After 3 days in Antigua, I took a shuttle-bus to San Pedro — a journey which lasted 4 hours, or so. Arrived at around 8 p.m.; fortunately, I’d chosen a hostel which was apparently popular among the bus-drivers, and was used as a focal point for dropping off tourists. So, I was dropped off literally on the hostel’s doorstep.

How long did I stay in San Pedro?  Take a guess………………..

2 days. The town (or, actually, “village” would be more accurate) is one of the smallest I’ve ever visited. The main street was barely 500 meters long; I remember walking from one end to the other in under 15 minutes (and only because I deliberately dragged my feet (lol)).

Anyhoo, at least, it was great to be near the water. I stayed there for endless hours, just enjoying the breeze, and watching the ferries move tourists back and forth.

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