So, here we are then :  first stop — Rome.

That magical city.

Well, I guess it used to be magical at some point…………like, 800 B.C.  :=))))

Anyway, I digress. Where was I….?  Ah, yes; I arrived in Rome.  And, like any other tourist, I set about seeing all the stuff that tourists are “supposed” to see.

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Vatican City

Did I actually get to go inside Vatican City? Nope. I decided to pass. I stayed on the outside; didn’t see much point in forking out and arm-and-a-leg to see……what exactly?  LOL.

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Next leg?

Ok, I love spontaneity. But, seeing as I was planning to tour the entire country, I had to make a decision : in which direction to keep moving?

I checked the map, and saw that good ol’ Naples was down south; almost all the other cities I was planning to visit were upwards from Rome. I thus decided to leave Naples for last, and visit all the other places first, one by one.

Florence, next stop…………. :=)