This is where I finally got to swim !!!

Yep; there, I’ve said it :=)))))

Rimini was hot, and crowded with tourists.  The streets were too narrow.

But………I found my escape purely by accident : I went for a stroll along the beach on my first night there, and found it to be IDEAL.  For me, anyway. The beach was deserted; I was all alone — just me and the sea, sands and starry sky.  Just the way I loved it )))

I don’t recall how long I walked along the beach that night……….must have been 2 hours. What I do remember is suddenly finding myself thinking : why not go for a swim?  I wasn’t exactly dressed for it. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. But, the opportunity was too good to pass up. ))))

So, I stripped, and plunged into the water.  It was amazingly warm, too; which only made it even more pleasurable.

I swam for a long, long time. There’s definitely something about being all alone on a beach, at night, with nobody around to irritate you  (haha).

I stuck around in Rimini for a couple of days, before getting back on the train and heading to Milan…………….

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