Summer of 1995

I’ve been to this awesome city 3 times. The first time was wayyyy back when I was still a wet-behind-the-ears kid……….the summer of 1995; some college friends and I decided to hop on over to the city of romance. We were there 3 weeks.

I remember how enthralled I was with Paris; it was magnificent in every way — the Eiffel Tower, the Seine river, the cosy, little cafes, with their delicious tea, coffee, and famous croissants (hehe); then, there were the theatres, the galleries, the museums. But, most of all, I remember the sights and sounds of the city at night. Glorious!

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Spring of 2008

My second visit to Paris was in 2008. This visit was less memorable, and not as lengthy (only 5 days) — which is probably why I don’t even remember exactly when in 2008 it was. I do remember the weather was a bit chilly, and the spring had not quite yet set in. So……..April? May? Don’t recall (lol). I do recall being in the company of a friend, whose only passion were the galleries and museums. So, naturally, I got dragged around pretty much (haha). Despite my love for the city, I was in a foul mood because of this, and could hardly wait to leave :=))

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Summer of 2009

My third visit was definitely an improvement :=))  A close friend had gotten engaged to the love of his life the previous December; and, they’d decided on a wedding in this most romantic of cities.

And, guess who got invited? Yep : ME :=))

So, in the summer of 2009, I found myself in Paris again, attending a wedding. I was there only a week. But, this trip was as even more magical than my first visit 14 years earlier. After the wedding, the couple — instead of doing the “normal, expected” thing, and flying off to their honeymoon — decided they wanted to spend at least a day or two in the city. Only problem was : they weren’t quite sure what to with themselves (hahaha)

Well, enter Stephen Cupido; that’s ME !  I’m a sucker for true romance. And, to top it all off, I’m all for NOT doing the “normal, expected” thing (lol).

So, at breakfast the next morning, I told my friend, and his blushing new bride, that I had an idea, which I thought they’d love :  DISNEYLAND !!!  (Well, Ok;  EuroDisney)

For the first 5 seconds, they stared at me as if I’d just been clinically diagnosed. And then they burst out laughing. “Disneyland??!  That’s fabulous”, they said.

All in all, unlike my first visit, which was dominated by my exploration of Parisian arts and what-not, this third visit was more…………er………..flaky? (I believe that’s what Jennifer Aniston calls it :=))) EuroDisney, circuses, and fun fairs (complete with pizzas, hot-dogs, shooting galleries, and merry-go-rounds!

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