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OH NO!! Liesl is dead !!

This is the saddest news I’ve received lately…………………..((((

Sound of Music’s “Liesl von Trapp” is dead…….

Yes; for me, she will always be “16, going on 17…….“.



  1. Anne Marie

    Dear Michael, I can’t believe that there is another person that LOVES the movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC as much as I do! The hills are always alive with the SOUND OF MUSIC! Leila will always be 16 going on 177 to me too! When I am upset or depressed I always hear the song MY FAVORITE THINGS in my head and it makes me feel better even for a moment! I’ve never told any one how much I love that movie and that for a short period of time I watched it every morning while getting ready for work! It put me in such a great frame of mind! I guess I thought that people would think I was 64 going on 10 years old! Lol or people would be singing HOW DO YOU HANDLE A PERSON LIKE MARIA!! I am reading your life story and I’m learning what a smart loving, beautiful person you are! Your daughter is beautiful and I know she is your Angel! Good luck on your life adventure! As you are CLIMBING EVERY MOUNTAIN in your journey be safe! You can even sing the song EDELWEIS while you are walking and spending quiet time by yourself ! Enjoy and take care of yourself love your friend Anne

    • Hi Anne. 🙂

      Thanks SO MUCH for your beautiful words.

      Yeah, it’s Liesl, not Leila. LOL )))

      You wanna know what I think about sometimes? Watching “The Sound of Music” with my daughter. The same way I watched with my parents, for the very first time (I must have been 4 years old).

      My little princess is 6 now (she’ll be 7 next month). Hopefully, some day……………..

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