Hmm………….how long was I in Nairobi?  4 days, I think (arrived on November 13th, and explored the city until the 17th, before getting on a bus and heading off to Masai Mara).

The city itself was really quite something. The first thing I noticed was the rather high sense of increased security and alertness; there were armed security guards everywhere — shops, hotels, restaurants. When I asked what was going on, I was told that there had been a terrorist attack not too long ago in Nairobi (I recalled reading about it somewhere). As a result, everyone was paranoid about safety.

Anyhoo, touring the city was kinda fun. :=)  The weather was exquisite — not too hot, and certainly not humid; it even rained a few times, which I loved :=)  Despite the fact that Nairobi was crowded, noisy, and disorganized, it was relatively easy to navigate the city, and find my way around. People were very helpful when I asked for directions; unlike most other cities in the world, the inhabitants of Nairobi actually KNOW their city  (lol).  In most places I’ve been to, it’s sometimes a challenge to find someone who knows where things are; you stop and ask for directions to so-and-so place, and the only reaction you get is a puzzled look, and a shrug of the shoulders :  “I don’t know”.  And this from someone who’s lived there their whole life (haha).

Still, that’s neither here nor there. Did I like Nairobi?  All in all, yeah. It’s just the kind of hustling, bustling, helter-skelter city you’d expect :=)

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Kenya International Conference Center (KICC)


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The Nairobi National Museum

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