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My Travels

As I already stated earlier, I’m an avid traveler. I absolutely LOVE traveling.  It’s my favorite hobby. )))

With these journals, I aim to share my experiences with fellow travelers. Maybe, give a few tips/advice to anyone who’s looking to take that first step…………as I did years ago; and/or receive those same tips/advice from other travelers, especially regarding those places which I’m yet to visit.

And, I certainly seen more than my share of the world (lol). I’ve been all over North & South America, Europe, China, India, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

I am also yet to explore some other parts of Asia, but that’s in the works.

My one dream is to visit New Zealand some day.  I plan for it every year, but something always seems to come up  (lol).   2 years ago, for instance, I’d planned to visit NZ for Xmas.  But, I was invited to Bangkok, instead.

And, last year, once again, I decided that, for sure, I’ll head over to NZ this December.  And, yet again, my plans changed :  after living in Finland for nearly 12 years, I decided to pack up and move to Central America; more specifically, Panama.

Not sure if I’ll make it this year, though. Hmm………….

Looks like, once again, NZ’s gonna have to wait   (lol)

Favorite places

When people see how much I’ve traveled, they usually ask me one question: “Of all the places you’ve visited, which was your favorite, and why?”

The answer to this question always came easily to me: “Vegas and Melbourne” :=)

“Really? Las Vegas and Melbourne??”

Yep, you heard me. Of all the places I’ve visited, these two cities are the ones I loved best. And, no matter how many more places I visit, I always want to visit them again. I’ve been to Vegas three times; and to Melbourne twice.

Anyway, let’s begin, shall we?  Here are the other places I’ve been to……………………



  1. Zachariah Caine

    New Zealand is an awesome country I have Some friends from there!!

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