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My Lovely Daughter


Many people who suddenly find themselves becoming parents, are all too familiar with the saying: “When you become a parent, everything changes!

I knew this long before I became a dad. But, knowing this still does not prepare you for that moment when you find yourself responsible for the life of that little one — that special gift that comes into this world, crying his/her lovely eyes out (lol), and screaming to be hugged.

That moment came for me on August 16th, 2010 — the day my beautiful Keona was born. She was even more beautiful than her name suggested :))))))

And, why “Keona”? Hmmm………’s quite a story. And, it’s a true one, too.

I even remember the day I came up with the name. It was back when I was a wee-lad……….not sure how old I was exactly, (probably 14 or 15); but I certainly remember what I was doing: I was in my room, performing my usual morning exercises — push-ups, sit-ups, and jogging-on-the-spot. I remember that it was sunny outside, but not quite hot; I suddenly found myself thinking about what it would be like to have kids. And, then, what I would name my kid/kids, if I did have one.

Unlike most people who take ages to come up with a name, mine took 5 seconds. I decided, there and then, that: if I had a son, I would name him Michael — after Michael Jackson (whose poster was hanging on my wall, and staring me right in the face, as I did my push-ups); and, if I had a daughter?  Well, I would name her Keona.

(I kid you not!  This is exactly what happened; not making this up)

I have absolutely NO IDEA where the word “Keona” came from. It simply had a nice ring to it. And, so, over the years, it stuck in my mind, and I never let go of it.

Thus, long before my daughter came into this world, she already had a name ready and waiting for her.

Now, you wanna know the funniest thing??  It was only after my daughter was born, I decided to find out for myself whether or not “Keona” meant anything, and if it did, then what?

So, I went to one of those “check-out-the-meaning-of-your-name” websites, and researched “Keona”………..where I found out three things:

(a) Keona does have a meaning :  “God’s Gracious Gift”;

(b) The name is of Polynesian/Hawaiian origin;

(c) Keona is a boy’s name  (hahahahahahahaha)

I guess there are many ways one could explain how a 14/15 year-old boy would suddenly come up with the name “Keona” out of nowhere (re-incarnation comes to mind, although I’m not a believer). But, all that is irrelevant. Above all else, I was happy that I had become a father. Even happier that, somehow, someway, I had chosen a name that was a perfect fit for my little girl.

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And this photo is one of my favorite :=))))  My little princess, sitting on the hood of my car (well, ex-car  LOL)



My little Keona is 6 years old now. Even as I write these journals, she’s on my mind. For many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that she is not right here, with me. I miss her every day. And, as I fill these pages with words, it is my hope that: one day, when she’s old enough, she will read these journals of mine.

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My sweet, lovely daughter HAS GRADUATED FROM KINDERGARTEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My God!!  I don’t know what to say!!!  How to feel!!!  She is growing……………and I am not there :((((((((((((((((((((((



  1. Anne Marie Miranda

    Michael , your Keona is absolutely beautiful! I see so much love in your eyes when you are looking at her and holding her! You are such a wonderful man! Anne Marie

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