“…Party in the city where the heat is on,
All night, on the beach, ’till the break of dawn,
Welcome to Miami,
Bienvenidos a Miami;
Bouncin’ in the club where the heat is on,
All night, on the beach, ’till the break of dawn,
I’m goin to Miami,
Welcome to Miami !!…”

Yep, Will Smith certainly had it right!  There are few places like Miami. :=))))))  Firstly, I probably didn’t pick the ideal time to go there : November…………er…………….was it 2011?  Me no recall    Anyway, summer was long over; it wasn’t as warm as I would have liked it. Miami’s supposed to be a vacation spot all year long, and it probably is. But, November brought with it a few rainy days, and very, VERY strong winds (lol)

Still, that didn’t take anything away from the magic of the city. Ever seen CSI Miami? One of my most favorite TV shows ever )) Although, as it turns out, some of the scenes in that show were actually filmed in Los Angeles! Cheapskates (haha)!! Anyhoo, Miami was very definitely everything that they said it would be — beautiful, bright, sunny, lively, exciting, and full of adventure! During the 2 weeks I was there, there was never a single dull moment; there was always something fun to do. Always! And, by “something fun”, I don’t mean sitting in some typical, roadside bar, drinking more typical beer, and engaging in even more typical dull and baseless conversations (I can do that at home! And, besides, I don’t drink beer (lol)).

Nope; by “something fun”, I mean : jet-skiing, paragliding, rollerblading, etc. I even tried my luck at surfing; I was pathetic at it (still am, actually). But……….hey, it’s the FUN that counts!

Always remember that, whenever you travel :=))))

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Miami Florida skyline at night