My visit to Oz in December 2009 left quite an impression. So, the very next year (2010), I decided to visit Oz again.

However, this time, I made sure to avoid flying into Brisbane altogether!  After the rather unpleasant “welcome” I received from immigration when I arrived there the previous year, I decided to fly into Melbourne instead.

And, what a contrast it was!

To cut a long story short, it took me TEN MINUTES to wheez through customs and immigration — compared to the 2 hours I spent at Brisbane the year before.

I was so surprised and pleased that, as I was hauling my suitcase away, I asked the Immigration officer directly (as he was going through my case, we’d struck up a chat, and I told him of my experiences at Brisbane airport the previous December ) : “how come it’s so easy here ?”

He replied :  “Well, we’re not as uptight here in Melbourne as they are up in Brisbane.”

Go figure!  :=))))

Anyway, I spent about 15 days in Melbourne.  And it was even better this time. I visited the beach twice……….was out wining and dining almost every evening. Unfortunately, there was no BBQ this time;  but, I certainly wasn’t complaining.  I made even more new friends than I had on my previous trip.

However, there was something quite unexpected :  while I was in Melbourne, we had a hailstorm!  I’d never experienced hail before, so it was quite an experience.  Especially as the hailstones were the size of tennis-balls !!  The storm lasted only about half an hour, but that was more than enough time to cause serious damage.  Cars were destroyed,  house-roofs smashed in, windows shattered,  etc.