Before I visited Malaga in July 2005, I’d never even heard of the place. While researching places to visit, I stumbled across an article about Malaga on a travel forum. It sounded interesting, so I jumped in — (yep, that’s me; the “genius” who doesn’t procrastinate, but instead “just does it”) — bought my ticket, booked a hotel, and set off.

Now, you would think that my experience on the Greek island of Rhodos the previous year would have made me a bit cautious (LOL). But, noooooo. I’m the alpha and omega, when it comes to traveling, of course. So, how could I go wrong?

Well, at least, I did not make the same stupid mistake of buying a holiday package, with the chartered flight, and everything included. Which was good. I got to pick my own schedule. Malaga was definitely a lovely place; perfect for the normal average tourist.

And therein lies the dilemma; I am anything but a “normal, average” tourist. When I travel, I don’t do touristy things. I always found them exceedingly boring! My idea of traveling is ADVENTURE, in every sense of the word. Traveling must be FUN……… must be EXCITING……… must blow your mind………… must leave an eternal print in your memory banks!!!!

Otherwise, you might as well stay home, curl up on the sofa, under a blanket, and watch re-runs of “Desperate Housewives” :=) (And, before you ask: NO, I do not watch “Desperate Housewives”………………Ok, maybe I did a couple of times. What can I say? Bree Van de Kamp is quite the lady )))))

Anyway, I digress. Where was I??` Ah, yes, fun traveling………..traveling for fun. Yes, that’s what a trip — ANY trip — should be about. Which Malaga most definitely was not. For me, anyway. 7 days of strolling the same streets………..eating in the same restaurants………..seeing the same pale and monotonous faces — well, that was 7 days too many (lol).

So, instead of 14 days, I hopped on a plane after only 7 days, and hightailed it back to Finland :=)