My decision to visit Los Angeles in 2010 had actually been made the previous year, when I’d stopped over at LAX airport, on my way to Vegas :=) As I waited at LAX, for my connecting flight to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Las vegas, I remember thinking : “Hmm, shame to layover here in L.A., and not actually step outside the airport. I think I’ll come back next year :=)”

Which I did. I put aside 2 weeks, out of my 4-week vacation, and flew to L.A. in November 2010.

The first thing that hit me when I stepped outside the airport, was the heat. November in Finland is chilly as hell. November in L.A. was………..well, you get the drift (haha). The sun had already gone down, but it was very warm and kinda stuffy, even in the open air.
LAX was gigantic, and it took me ages to navigate my way to the car-rental office, sign for and pick up my SUV, and make my way outside. :=))


Although I didn’t know it then, the apartment I’d booked was in that section of L.A. known as Koreatown (I only found this out the next day). It was a nice neighborhood. But, today, looking back on it all, my one regret was that: back in 2010, I’d not yet discovered the joys of Korean cuisine (lol). So, of course, I had no idea that I had booked an apartment smack in the middle of a utopia for Asian dishes :=)) If I had known, I’d probably never had stepped out of my neighborhood. And why would I ??? With Korean restaurants on practically every corner :=)))


Anyway, what did I do there? Explore, of course. Everyone knows how gi-normous Los Angeles is. The city is like a country all by itself. It is said that: you can get in your car, and drive for two hours, and you’d still be in L.A. (haha). Don’t know if this is true or not, and I wasn’t really interested in finding out. Still, my point is : despite having a car at my disposal, I chose to explore the city the old-fashioned way: by walking — which, of course, is the best way to actually get a good look at the city; something you can’t do from behind the wheel of a car. And, as an added bonus, I got to exercise quite a bit. I sometimes walked 10 miles a day, or more.

Pink’s Hot Dogs

Ever heard of Pink’s Hot Dog? No?

Pink’s Hot Dogs

Apparently, it’s the most popular hot-dog spot in L.A. (some say, in all California). And, when I got there, it was not hard to guess why. Those hot-dogs were more than delicious; they were SPLENDID )))))))))))))

Everyone’s a “star” in L.A.

Hehehe. Yeah, so it seems. I’ll be honest : I did not like L.A. much. Oh, the city was grand, sure. I loved it. Sightseeing was exquisite. And the food…………..Mmmmmmmmmm. Words are not enough.

But the people?? Definitely not my kind of crowd. Many people in L.A. — especially those who reside in and around the “posh” areas, as they are called : Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc — seem to have this way about them, as if the rest of the world owes them something (haha). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess why; with L.A. being the showbiz centre of the world, I guess the people seem to think that they were all born stars; and, apparently, just the fact that they reside there means they are entitled to be treated as such : stars of the big screen.

It’s actually amusing, in a sad way. Outside those so-called “posh” areas, most of the people were just your average normal citizen. Within those areas, however, it was a different story; I couldn’t even go to a simple cafe, and order a simple beverage, without being given the once-over, as if I was a bellboy who had wandered into the forbidden zone (you know, that “zone” reserved for the cast of “The Bold and The Beautiful”). Hahahaha :=))))

As I said, amusing in a a pathetic kind of way.

Needless to say, I didn’t bother to linger in those areas. I found the whole thing rather tediously overrated. Still, I w as glad I actually visited myself; at least, I know what I need, and don’t need. With only a couple of weeks at my disposal, I didn’t need to waste my time in such places. There were many, many more interesting and fun places to see in L.A. :=)))


Went up to the hills for a walk………

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