VIVAAAAAAAAA LAS VEGAS :=))))))))))))))))))))))

How many times have I been to Vegas?  1….2…..3, yes!  Three times!  :=)

I absolutely LOVE this city !!!!

Oh, yeah; I know exactly what’s going on through your mind right now : “He loves gambling????”.  Hahahaha :=))))   Before you ask, the answer is NO.  I don’t like gambling. I never gamble (I’m one of those terribly pragmatic people who considers gambling to be one of the most profound acts of stupidity anyone can engage in. I mean, really??!  To willingly and voluntarily throw away your money!  Why not just chuck it down the toilet?!  It’s quicker!).

No, gambling is not why I love Vegas.

“But, Vegas is all about the casinos, isn’t it?”, you say  :=)

True, but only partly (lol). There’s more to the city than those alluring casinos. There’s the Strip, with its bright lights;  which is actually what I love about the city. There are few things more relaxing than cruising down the Vegas Strip in a convertible, with the top down :=)

Then there are those amazing rooftop bars. Go up to the roof of The Cosmopolitan, for example……….buy yourself a glass of your favorite cocktail………..and look over the entire city.

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Mmmmmmmmmmmm………………Vivaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas ))))))