When I booked the Safari, I wasn’t even aware of Lake Nakuru.  Not at first. The tour operator I purchased the trip from must have mentioned it; but, I guess I wasn’t listening :=)

So, it was a very pleasant surprise for me when, after the safari, and on our way back to Nairobi, we were taken to Lake Nakuru.

I love water. Plain and simple. I love being close to it;  I love being in it. I love drinking it  (haha :=)))

Nope, I didn’t drink from this lake. But, I certainly enjoyed the hour-long ride in the motor-boat.

img_0452 img_0453 img_0454 img_0455 img_0456 img_0457 img_0458 img_0459 img_0460 img_0461 img_0462 img_0463 img_0465 img_0466 img_0467 img_0468 img_0469 img_0470 img_0471 img_0472 img_0473 img_0474

Clap your hands, if you can see the little green snake in the photos below (LOL)……

img_0477 img_0476 img_0475img_0477