My second visit to Korea was over a year later. This time, I was determined to experience the summer. No more winters for me.

I stayed with the same hosts, in Seoul. But, not the whole time; we were only 4 days in the capital city, after which we decided to do something different : a trip to Korea’s most popular tourist destination — Jeju Island :=)

Jeju Island — Island of the Gods

Any visitor to Jeju will immediately see why it’s Korea’s most famous vacation hotspot. The island is GORGEOUS………in every which way :=)

At least, I certainly thought so.

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Beaches, restaurants — (OK, so I’m not a fan of  restaurants in general; but, I couldn’t resist those sumptuous Korean dishes. Cut me some slack :=))

The main “attraction”, however, was Hallasan (or, Halla Mountain). Hallasan also happens to be Korea’s highest mountain. And, I had the immense pleasure of actually climbing it :=))))

Hallasan Mountain

Nearly 2 km high, Hallasan is something that needs to be experienced to be believed.

It took me four hours to reach the summit — 4 hours of slow and steady, grueling climbing, up terrain that was sometimes dangerous, to say the least (haha). Some parts of the trail were so slippery, you had to hang on tight.

But, it was definitely worth it!!  Ohhhh, yes. I’ll remember that mountain climb forever :=)))

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