I was in Greece only once : on the island of Rhodos, in August 2003.

A 2-week summer vacation seemed like a good idea at the time. And, I guess it was.  What was not a good idea, however, was going there by chartered flight — holiday package, vacation-packet, or whatever they call those things. Ticket and hotel, for two weeks, all-in-one; jeeeez!  I should have known better, but……..well, we learn something new every day  (lol).

I liked Rhodos — the beach, the sun, the sea.  And, well, yeah, the food  (hehe :=))  But, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, there’s only so many times you can dine in a restaurant, stroll the streets on an island, with literally nowhere to go  (haha).  And, the “good” news is : you are stuck there for 2 weeks, until your return flight.

But, still, it wasn’t all bad; for one thing, Rhodos is where I fell in love with Greek salad.  :=)))  And I ate tons of it while I was there — with extra helpings of goat cheese  (lol).

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