Hmmmm……… many times have I been to Germany? :=)

I’ve lost count.

Of course, I don’t count the lay-overs; those aren’t “visits”  (I never could understand those people who seem to think that a layover at an airport on their way to somewhere else, counts as “I’ve-been-to-that-country”.  Hahaha. )

Flying Lufthansa usually means that I get to stop over in Berlin, or Frankfurt, often. My first actual visit to Germany was a million years ago; don’t recall the exact date. I only remember that it was Frankfurt.

I guess I should begin with my first memorable visit (lol).  That’s easy : it was Hamburg, 2003. I was there only 2 days. However, what made the trip memorable wasn’t my stay in Hamburg; it was my return trip to Helsinki. Instead of flying back, I took a bus to Travemunde, and from there, a ship to Helsinki. The ship-ride lasted a day and a half.  And I loved it ))))))))))))))

Anyhoo, after Hamburg 2003, came Berlin 2009. Then, Hamburg again later that year……….then Frankfurt 2011, and 2012.

Off all the cities in Germany, Berlin was my favorite (still is). I loved it there. Friendly people…..multicultural metropolis; Berlin has everything.

….Air-Berlin takes the cake ))

I love traveling with Air-Berlin. They sure know how to take care of their customers……..

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Touring Berlin…….

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