Now, THIS was more like it ))))))))))

Firstly, the train-ride was actually quite refreshing. I remember falling asleep……….and almost missing my stop. I was lucky to glance out the window and see “Castiglioncello” written in faded black ink on a dirty, brown signpost. Most of all, I remember grabbing my bag, and literally jumping off the train in a hurry :=)))

Still, my first impression of the little town was good. I liked it right away. Not so crowded; not noisy at all. And the beach…………

After I booked into a comfortable inn, I went for a walk down to the beach. As it turns out, there was an old castle wall that ran for quite a distance along the beach. It was fun walking along that wall, and watching the waves beat against the sand.

I stayed in Castiglioncello for 3 days. I’d have stayed longer, but……….well, I get bored easily. And, 3 days was ample time for me to see all I needed to see, anyway.

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