After I left Zurich, my next port of call was Budapest.

Over the years, I’d heard a lot of good things about this city. But, never bothered to pay a visit myself………….until August 2013.

Well, all in all, I have to say I was not too thrilled. The city was, quite simply, nothing to write home about. I didn’t even feel that I was on an actual “journey”; just seemed like I was passing through on my way to somewhere more exciting.

Anyway, I didn’t stay for more than 4 days.  And, during that time, all I did was walk around, take a few pics, and eat LOTS of local dishes  (haha)


img_0233 img_0234 img_0235 img_0236 img_0237 img_0238 img_0240 img_0241  img_0243 img_0244 img_0245 img_0246 img_0247 img_0248 img_0249

I saw this at the local food market; I thought it was pretty hilarious……..:=)))))


The one rather unfortunate moment, though, was at the end of this trip. Seeing as my entire trip was spontaneous, and unplanned, I didn’t buy any return tickets. All plane rides were one-way, because I wasn’t sure when I planned to return to Helsinki.

So, after 4 days, I decided I was done with Budapest; I got on my laptop, and purchased a one-way ticket to Helsinki, for the next day.

At the airport the following day, I was secure in the knowledge that I had a ticket, and nothing to worry about. While I was lazily browsing my email, there was a message from the company I’d purchased my ticket from; apparently, there was a problem with my credit card, and my purchase hadn’t gone through.

Bottom-line : no ticket!

I tried to make the purchase again online, and got the same result. So, I called them directly, and inquired what was wrong.  They said I should contact my bank, as there was a problem with my card. As I was already at the airport, that was pointless. So, I asked if there was something I could do. The only option was to go directly to the Finnair Airlines office right there at the airport, and purchase a ticket directly.

Which is what I ended up doing. To make matters worse, the ticket office did not accept cards; so I had to rush to an ATM machine, withdraw cash, and pay for the ticket.