I’d wanted to visit the Grand Canyon for many years now. However, my decision to visit it in August 2016 was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I had just arrived in Vegas, from New Orleans, and was actually planning return to NOLA after a few days. But then, I ran into a couple of people who were planning a trip to Arizona, to see the Grand Canyon, and they asked if I wanted to car-share with them. So, I jumped on it!
It wasn’t my first road-trip. But, it was certainly the most spectacular. The trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, took just over 5 hours (it would have been less, but we were stuck in bad traffic on the highway). I’d never before seen such wide expanse of desert. It was exquisite. And, the view of the mountains………………….awesome!

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Do you see the rainbow below?  :=)

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Arriving in Flagstaff at around 8.30 p.m., we spent the night at a B&B, and, the next day went to the Canyon.
The Grand Canyon

The Canyon is one of those things that everyone should see at least once. A true Wonder of Nature.

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Captured a little squirrel………..:=))