The name “Antigua” means “ancient”. And, this is definitely the case. It’s a small city (or should I say “town”); everywhere you go, it’s immediately evident that Antigua was once a great city. There are practically no new or so-called modern structures. Everything is as it’s been for centuries — from the old buildings, to the cobblestone streets.

Beautiful little town, no doubt.

Hostal “La Sexta”

I don’t even remember the last time I ever stayed in a hostel (I think it was way back in 2004 or 2005). And, once again, not sure why I decided to stay in one in Antigua :=)

Still, it wasn’t all that bad; Hostal “La Sexta” is one of the dozens of such establishments which cater to Antigua’s numerous tourists. I got a double room all to myself — (the last time I was in a hostel, I got a bunk bed in a room meant for 8 people. ‘Till today, I still remember the stench from 8 sleeping, snoring, and farting tourists crowded into a room, where the windows had to stay closed, because it was winter outside! (hahaha)).

And, it seems that La Sexta isn’t exactly the most popular place (or, maybe, I was just lucky), because, for the 3 days I stayed there, I was the only client!  Yep, nobody else checked in while I was there. So I pretty much had the place to myself (ohhh, heaven :;=))


A view of Antigua from wayyyy up in the hills

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I came across this vehicle on the streets of Antigua; and I just had to take a picture of it ))))  A real, live Volksvagen pick-up. Haven’t seen one of these since I was in diapers (hahaha). OK, maybe not diapers; but, still, seeing this cute VW brought back childhood memories. We had one when I was a kid; except, it was orange in color :=)



School-kids playing the Guatemalan Marimba (click here for more images)