So………my lawyer just got back to me a few days ago, about the yearly corporation taxes which I owe.

(To recap: I set up a Panamanian corporation in February 2016, as it’s one of the requirements when applying for Panamanian residency. It doesn’t have to be a fully-functioning corporation; just something on paper, to demonstrate “ties to the country” and “a willingness to settle here” (frankly, getting married without a prenup would have been a lot less hassle !)).

Anyhow, from the beginning, I always knew that: to maintain this corporation would involve certain yearly fees (such as taxes, and such). Nothing surprising there.

…….except that I wasn’t prepared for the actual sum: 750 US dollars !!  Payable every year, February, like clockwork!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wow!!!!!!!!!

750 bucks. Every year. For a paper-company which just sits on my shelf (literally).

Yep. Not for the first time since moving here, I find myself sitting on my balcony, doing the facepalm-thing, while exhaling deeply )))))))

Oh, and wanna hear the best part??  I asked what I needed to do to dissolve this corporation; get rid of it. The reply: 500 bucks!!  Hahahahahahahaha )))))))

I have to admit: Panama just keeps getting better and better.

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