I don’t watch television! It’s that simple!

Television these days has become a disease — a “genetically-engineered” tool made to cater to the needs of those sad, mentally-deficient individuals, who — in my opinion — either have nothing better to do with their lives, and/or simply lack ANY life of their own, and, thus, are in dire need of the garbage spewed on television, as a way to somehow bring some meaning, some substance — however moronic — to their own pathetic emptiness.

What about movies?  Oh, yeah; where do I even begin? Every child grows up with movies that stay with him/her for the rest of their lives. For me, it was “The Sound of Music”. ‘Till today, this is still my favorite movie of all time.

I would like to say that I enjoy watching movies. Unfortunately, being someone with a higher-than-average intellect, I find my choices in movies to be severely limited.

In fact, I could breakdown my taste in movies with regards to my age, starting from when I was old enough to sit up and watch TV (LOL) :

1 — 5 years old : cartoons

5 — 9 years : musicals (yep, “The Sound of Music” was the first)

9 — 15 years : action-packed (yeah, at that time, it was all about the guns, and bombs, and super-heroes, and “good guys” killing all the “bad guys”)

15 — 18 years : porn (yep, I had my stash of Playboy and Penthouse hidden under my mattress, too. Oops!)

18 — 24 years : chick-flicks (I hated these; but, when you’re 18 or 19, it’s all about impressing your girlfriend. So, if she’s watching “Sex and The City”, I had to pretend to like it, too)

24 — 30 years : dramas and thrillers (mainly because they actually resembled some of the drama and thriller going on in MY own life (LOL))

30 years and above : back to cartoons (at 30, I realized that: Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, and the Flintstones make much MORE sense, than most of the garbage that is shown on the screens these days)


My deep love for animals is one of the very few things that bring me joy. I’m what you’d call an animal-lover. I love all animals (ok, well, maybe except insects. Those little buggers…………well, they bug me (LOL))

My whole life, I’ve had dogs, cats, and even birds. But, I love dogs most of all.

Whenever people ask me: “what puts you in a good mood?”, I always reply: “There are 3 things that put me in a good mood: Dogs, Rain, and Cartoons  (hahaha)”.

Whenever I am out walking, I cannot pass by a dog without stopping to pat it on the head, or rub its cute little muzzle. It’s almost uncontrollable. Almost…………as I know from experience that not all dogs like to be patted or rubbed (hehe).

Growing up as a kid, I had many dogs over several years. My first ever dog was a brown little cutie, whom I named Timmy (after “Timmy”, the hero-dog in the popular British children’s TV show “The Famous Five”). Timmy was with me for about a year. And then, one fine day, he simply disappeared. No idea what happened to him. We lived in a house with a huge yard, so Timmy was never leashed, or shackled, or locked in a cage. He roamed freely. But he always came back…………until the day when he didn’t.

One of the saddest days of my entire life. I was only 7 then.

These are some photos of myself with various dogs, in various different places, and at different times. Some day, I plan to combine all of them into a single album. I think I’ll name it “The Timmy Collection”  LOL.

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